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Why Independent Schools?

Katie Garcia, a former Business Officer at multiple independent schools, brings her unique expertise to the world of consulting. After identifying the need for specialized support in independent school business officers and leadership, Katie launched KDG Support, a consulting firm dedicated to providing comprehensive HR, security, and training services tailored specifically for independent schools.

At KDG Support, we pride ourselves on building personal relationships with our clients, ensuring that you receive the attention and support you deserve. We understand the distinctive challenges faced by independent schools and offer precise, responsive, and customized solutions to address your specific needs. With our team's commitment and expertise, we are dedicated to helping your institution thrive by simplifying HR processes, promoting positive employee relations, and ensuring compliance, safety, and a well-trained plan for all employees.

Fractional HR Support

KDG Support's team of seasoned HR professionals is focused on providing fractional HR support to schools of all sizes and industries. Whether you're a startup looking to establish a solid HR foundation or an established institution aiming to streamline existing processes, we have the knowledge and solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Our strengths include:


  • Recruiting: Identifying and attracting top-tier candidates who align with your institution's vision and culture through our extensive network and cutting-edge strategies.

  • Payroll: Ensuring timely and error-free payroll processing for employee satisfaction and compliance, allowing you to concentrate on your core mission.

  • Benefits Administration: Handling benefit selection, enrollment, and administration, reducing administrative overhead while ensuring employees can access valuable benefits.

  • Workplace Investigations: Expertly conducting impartial HR investigations in cases of workplace misconduct, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, thanks to our team's diverse experience in Human Resources, Law Enforcement, and Internal Affairs.

School Security
In today's evolving security landscape, preparation and expertise are paramount. KDG Support leverages the collective proficiency of Military, State, County, and Municipality Police veterans, along with specialized physical security specialists, to deliver unparalleled training for independent schools.

Our key services include:

  • School Resource Officer Training: Crafting officers who inspire trust while ensuring safety within educational environments.

  • Campus Security Protocols: Providing a baseline security assessment of the building, car line, and day-to-day operations of the campus and then implementing modern strategies to safeguard education hubs.

  • Leadership Engagement: Empowering Human Resources, Heads of School, and Headmasters with essential security knowledge.

Choose KDG Support for a comprehensive, tailored approach to enhancing your independent school's HR, security, and training capabilities. With us by your side, you can ensure the safety, success, and growth of your institution.

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