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Benefit Open Enrollment: Fractional HR time to shine

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Today, in our fast-evolving corporate landscape, employee benefits and open enrollment (OE) is gaining more attention than ever before. While some might see OE as a mere administrative necessity, we at KDG Support perceive it as a golden opportunity. This is an opportunity for companies to reaffirm their commitment to their employees and for employees to ensure they are receiving the best benefits tailored to their needs.

Recently, I had the privilege of supporting an OE meeting for an agile, 20-person company. This experience was eye-opening and reaffirmed several best practices when navigating open enrollment. Here are some highlights:

1. Diverse Benefit Options:

Every employee is unique, with varying needs and life circumstances. It's imperative to offer various benefit options that cater to this diversity. Whether it's a comprehensive health plan, dental and vision packages, or flexible spending accounts, providing choices allows employees to pick what aligns best with their individual or family's needs.

2. Employer Contribution:

The extent of an employer's contribution can greatly influence an employee's perception of their benefits package. This 20-person company made it a point to emphasize their contribution levels, illustrating their commitment to employee well-being. By covering a significant portion of the benefit costs, employers not only lighten the financial load for their team but also foster a sense of being valued.

3. Clear and Concise Communication:

While OE is an annual event, it can be overwhelming for many. Detailed plans, terms and conditions, deadlines - the influx of information can be daunting. This is where clear communication plays a pivotal role. We ensured all discussions were in simple, understandable language at the meeting. We also provided handouts and used visual aids to elucidate complex topics further.

But beyond the meeting, it's crucial to have open channels of communication where employees can seek clarifications, ask questions, or get more details. In the age of remote work, consider utilizing tools like webinars, FAQ documents, or even one-on-one virtual sessions.

4. Holistic Approach:

It's essential to view open enrollment as more than just a selection of health plans. It's about financial security, peace of mind, work-life balance, and overall employee satisfaction. By providing resources or sessions that educate employees about the holistic benefits of their choices, employers can make OE a more enriching and empowering experience.

Supporting the OE meeting was not just a task—it was a learning journey. It reiterated the importance of taking a proactive, employee-centric approach to open enrollment. Companies, regardless of their size, have the power to make a significant positive impact during this period.

At KDG Support, we're committed to ensuring that every company we assist makes the most of this opportunity, creating a win-win situation for both employers and employees. After all, a well-supported team is the backbone of a thriving company.

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