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Do more, with less - HR and IT are a powerful alliance!

So you have Slack for collaboration, Tableau for visuals, Gmail for email/calendaring, and you use Dropbox to store it all in the cloud. While these apps and services are great on their own, they don't offer a seamless experience from one to the other, and you end up with more AP vouchers every month (ask me how I know). What if you could access the power of all the same capabilities you’re used to, but everything lives under one roof, and you pay one monthly bill? Do more with less.

In a recent study done by Forrester Consulting, Microsoft 365 (M365) was shown to save organizations roughly 60% on per-user licensing and 25% on endpoint deployments. The report also details organizations that switch to M365 could see a 205% ROI and a payback period of only three months. Not to mention the baked-in SECURITY!

The problem is that one app does something great, and a handful of other things are not so great. So then, which apps do you drop? Human Resources has a lot of the same issues and redundancies. Some systems you like the ATS, others have strong payroll, and self-service is another one in the mix.

Ask me how YOU could be doing more with less! The technology is there; the ability is there - streamline your services for a streamlined process. We can't wait to talk with you about it! Let's get your HR department running efficiently and effectively.

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