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Making your Talent Relationship Official!

Many numbers are thrown out there about the dollars lost when a new hire does not work out. Reviving the job search, the hours that went into training, the team orientation, and enrollment in whatever benefits – it adds up quickly! If your company has a talent acquisition team and a separate talent management team, you will need them to start working more closely together. The reality is that many of us are HR teams of one or two people! How are we supposed to balance it all?

Regardless of size, the call to action is to create a positive employee lifecycle. What does that look like? Mapping out clear career paths for professionals to include training and development to help them grow within your organization successfully. You’re now asking yourself, “Great, but how” and I will share the simple and boiled-down truth with you.

You’re going to have to embrace technology! Identifying some talent management systems will help your teams streamline recruitment and get on the same page throughout the employee's life. The employee lifecycle can be broken down into six stages: attraction, recruitment, onboarding, retention, development, and separation. It is a fluid movement through each stage in this order for employees, from the attraction stage of the very second an applicant is exposed to your employer-focused brand to the recruitment process, where the individual moves from an applicant into a full employee.

Once you’ve got the candidate onboard, talent acquisition moves into talent management through onboarding, which can’t just be focused on the HR side of onboarding. This phase has to commit to helping the employees understand and blend with the corporate culture, the team, and the dynamics of the organization as a whole. It does not solely benefit election and filling out a W-4, so I recommend splitting this phase into two equally valuable portions: ONBOARDING and ORIENTATION. I know you're ready for the advice for Onboarding and Orientation, so stay tuned to the blog for those in the next few weeks! If you're interested in the one-day version, join me in June, where we will delve into this topic and others for small business HR success:

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