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Sticky-wickets of HR Claims

There was an interesting conversation this week - what happens when someone is cleared to return to work but must take numerous breaks due to fatigue? But the doctor cleared them to return to work, but their body wasn't ready physically. Is this a workers comp instance? Is this a short-term disability claim? Is this ADA? Maybe FMLA? What process do you follow?

This whole arena of human resources can be tricky! There are worries that someone isn't fit to return to work, maybe even questions on the legitimacy of their claims. So many ABC agencies can come knocking on your door in addition to the insurance companies if there is a payout. The employee may have to go without pay, and you worry about them and their families as an employer. Talk about an overload!

We are here for you. We understand how to navigate these situations—filing the right paperwork and connecting to the right agency, company, or medical professional. We will handle the communications and let you know what is happening. Keeping everyone compliant, protected, and informed is what are the priorities during these tricky situations.

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