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What's your PTO, leave, or vacation look like?

When I started working at my first full-time job, I had to work 12 months before I was eligible for vacation time. In today's world, what does your leave look like? Employees are focused on the benefits like leave more than ever now. The mindset of the working population is more focused on work-life balance than ever before, but how can you make that fit for your company? You don't need to offer unlimited PTO to your employees, but I'd love to share some ideas with you! Have you considered accrual? Adding holidays? Maybe front-loading is best for you? What does your policy say as it relates to utilizing the policy? There are ways that we can protect the company and keep employees from taking advantage of leave while still extending the benefit to them! Gig work, project work, 1099, Part-time, there are ways around extending leave as well! Maybe your industry is perfectly teed up to offer these flexible work options to employees so they can manage their own time, workload, and deliverables. Looking at PTO isn't the only thing we can walk through together - maybe some reclassification of your employees would also benefit everyone. There are LOTS of options for establishing a successful work-life balance for your company and your employees. I love putting the options on the table and figuring out the best way to put the puzzle together so everyone can realize the benefit!

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