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Corporate Recruiting

KDG Support LLC offers customized recruiting services led by our highly experienced team. We can tailor our offering to fit the needs of companies of all sizes. Our most popular recruiting styles are retained and contingent search.


We proudly offer our premium Retained Search Recruiting services to our existing retained customers. Our Retained Search Recruiting services provide a comprehensive and exclusive approach, guaranteeing our clients the highest level of attention and priority throughout the recruitment process. By engaging us on a retained basis, clients gain access to a dedicated team fully committed to identifying the best-fit candidates for their most critical positions.

At KDG Support, our Retained Search Recruiting services are custom-tailored to uphold the highest standards of excellence and efficiency. With a relentless focus on delivering timely results, we assure our clients that their critical positions are entrusted to capable hands. Our unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion ensures that our candidate pool embraces various perspectives, fostering a thriving and inclusive work environment.

By partnering with KDG Support for Retained Search Recruiting, our clients can be confident in our commitment to finding the best talent to drive their organizational success. Experience the difference between our exclusive and personalized approach to recruitment, and let us help you secure top-tier talent for your organization's growth and prosperity.



Our Contingent Search Recruiting services provide a flexible and risk-free approach for clients seeking top-tier candidates for their critical roles. With no upfront costs, clients only pay for our services upon successful candidate placement, ensuring a cost-effective and results-driven recruitment process.

Our extensive network and market insights allow us to swiftly identify and engage with high-caliber candidates, even in competitive talent markets. Through proactive communication and attention to detail, we ensure clients receive timely updates and comprehensive candidate profiles, facilitating informed hiring decisions.

We understand that finding the right fit is crucial for organizational growth. As such, our Contingent Search Recruiting services prioritize aligning candidate qualifications, skills, and cultural fit with our client's unique requirements. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion ensures that the candidate pool is diverse, providing a range of perspectives that contribute to a thriving and inclusive work environment.

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