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The Gift of Time

It's officially holiday time! What are you giving yourself this holiday season? Is it a new computer? A new software you've been eyeing? An entire new back office? I'd love to tag in and help with any of these.

I came across an article from 2021 that was published by The Balance relating to outsourcing and how it impacts jobs in the USA. It got my wheels turning about all the opportunities that do live here! I am in Florida and one thing I love about being a Floridian is that Florida LOVES Florida! What does that mean? Companies here love other Florida-based companies! They truly want to see other domiciled companies excel in their market - which is hopefully Florida! So outsourcing isn't always "overseas" or to the lowest bidder.

I have been very fortunate in my career to be able to experience GREAT outsourcing and not-so-great outsourcing. What KDG Solutions is built to do, is do it well! Imagine plugging into a company that is looking to only onboard what it can handle. Imagine an onboarding where your point of contact from sales through account management is the same person (and she's awesome!). Imagine your company can save money and open doors that you may not have the key to open. For small businesses, outsourcing is a necessity. You can lean into the idea of LEAN MANAGEMENT and you can have your back office outsourced, and done with care.

What is here at KDG Solutions is different. I'm Katie, and I'm not trying to maximize onboarding. I am trying to set your company up to win. I want to know and understand your needs, I want to plug in the right resources at the right time, and I want to make you a success story! So give yourself the greatest gift you can, some time off knowing everything is under control. From your bookkeeping to your HR and payroll needs, I give you my word, it can all be better! I would welcome the opportunity to chat about your needs and how I can be an extension of your back office.


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